CVforum is a meeting place for professional job seekers and industrial companies. At the moment the platform is only active in Denmark where it was launched in June 2018. The platform will be launched in English in the near future.

As a job seeker at CVforum you get free access to create your professional CV of which only the anonymous part is visible until you allow the interested companies, one by one, to see your entire CV. You always have access to editing your CV, printing or deleting your newly created CV.

As a company you get to search the CV database for relevant candidates for free. This is based on anonymous viewing of their CV with a limited amount of information. However, if you find the candidates you need, you can buy a number of clips and one by one request entire CV viewing. At the same time a clip is automatically deducted online for payment.

1 CV = 1 clip

The possibility of being able to search the CV database free of charge for possible candidates before a company potentially decides to buy a number of clips and besides only pay a clip for an entire CV viewing gives a great transparent feeling of fairness and full-value-for-money.

Advantages as job seeker:

Advantages for companies:

For job seekers the platform represents an optimal opportunity in creating an attractive online CV of a highly professional quality and graphic design. Furthermore, it is possible to export the CV as a PDF file and use it for other purposes than only job seeking. You get your own password and you will be able to edit your CV as you like. The CV is exposed anonymously to companies looking for new employees. Qua the requests the system sends out when a company wants to see an entire CV, you get a feeling of the attraction degree of your CV. Based on this information you can then make relevant adjustments including viewing other anonymous profiles in the CV database.

For the companies the platform is a transparent and fair way of executing things. By checking the CV database for potential candidates before you decide to buy online vouchers and besides only being charged for the entire CV viewing with one voucher per CV, a sense of fairness and full-value-for-money. A file management enables the company to structure its searches and CVs.

The platform was created by the Danish consultancy company Globiz1 that is specialized in recruitment for the industry. It is created with Nordic simplicity and user-friendly design which is easy to navigate in. Using the CV as the center the users on both sides are dispensed with the job advertisement and its complexity which is a structure that characterizes similar platforms. Furthermore, it has no disturbance from advertising texts or banner advertisements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries after reading this. Our support team is available to assist you at telephone +45 33 170 183 or email

Please feel free to register your CV using the Danish platform even now and receive current messages etc. in either Danish or English. This enables you to keep in touch with the ongoing process as well as the launch date of the platform in (Choose UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland).

Yours Sincerely,
Morten Otto
CEO, CVforum Ltd.